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E-Waste Recycle At Minarets

O’NEALS – If you have old electronics hanging around the house or garage just taking up space, you may want to know that Minarets High School is holding their first E-waste Drop-off Day, this Friday, Feb. 13.

The project is a Senior Legacy Experience (SLE) organized by student Mitchell Hendry. They’ll be accepting goods in the parking lot at school from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“You can e-waste any kind of electronics, be it your old desktop or a broken answering machine,” says Hendry. “Anything that runs on power needs to be e-wasted. These electronics go to foreign countries where they are left to never decompose or melted down to get a meager amount of copper and gold back out of them, but this is very dangerous, releasing lead and other toxic chemicals.”

Hendry adds that E-wasting old electronics helps recycle more from the parts, and doesn’t pollute the environment.

“Get some early spring cleaning done this weekend and help support my SLE by bringing us any junk that runs on batteries or has a cord!”

Minarets High School is located at 45077 Road 200 in O’Neals. Phone (559) 868-8689

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