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Dual Enrollment Classes at Minarets

O’NEALS — Want to get ahead on college credits before you’re even out of high school? Well, Minarets is expanding the number of dual enrollment classes offered.

Last year, the school offered a Welding class and a Health class that counted for both high school and community college credit. Starting next semester, Minarets will be offering both of these classes, as well as an English-1A class and a Floral class.

According to Mrs. Claudia Vandenbergh, head counselor, this is the first step in a big plan to provide more classes that will help students get both credit for high school and college. In fact, next year they are planning to release more dual enrollment classes.

It’s highly encouraged to take these classes, particularly the English class, because you can fulfill some college requirements early. All you need to have is a minimum 2.5 GPA since the classes and books are all free.

So think about joining one of these dual enrollment classes. It’s a great opportunity to take care of both high school and college credit!

Original article can be found here on Minarets Press.

Minarets High School and Charter High School

Katherine Renn is a Minarets student.


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