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Don't Trust Public Safety To Inexperience

I am supporting Michael Keitz for re-election as our Madera County district attorney. Mr. Keitz’s 22 years of service as a prosecutor makes him a clear and obvious choice.

Mr. Keitz’s opponent, David Linn, has 40 years of absolutely no prosecutorial experience and expects us to turn the leadership of a 41 person office over to an inexperienced slip and fall attorney from a tiny country office.

David Linn is not running on any kind of record whatsoever. In a leadership style only he can appreciate, he has whipped up an undeserved frenzy of hostility towards a fine public servant that actually became an attorney specifically to join the Madera County District Attorney’s office and after 16 years as a prosecutor was elevated to his current position.

In addition to Linn’s lack of prosecutorial experience, at 65 years of age and in uncertain health due to excessive weight, we cannot have a district attorney that may or may not be able to meet the demands and challenges of the position.

Don’t turn our public safety over to an inexperienced slip and fall lawyer. If David Linn truly wants to serve the citizens of Madera County he will withdraw from the race and concede the election to Mr. Keitz.

On November 4th, please keep Michael Keitz as our Madera County District Attorney.

Eric N. Loos


  1. Would virtually all of Madera County

    officials be supporting David Linn, if Mr. Keitz were anything like Eric Loos says he is?

    This is another of those well scripted “look alike” letters trying to salvage the dysfunctional Michael Keitz.

  2. People who know David Linn best support him to replace Michael Keitz. People who know Michael Keitz best, also support David Linn to replace him.

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