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Dogs Shot And Killed While Attacking Horses In North Fork

NORTH FORK — A pair of horses were attacked by two stray dogs in Madera County moments before a North Fork man shot both dogs to death.

It happened outside a home on Road 221 (Crane Valley Road) late Saturday afternoon in a rural part of Madera County, according to a report by Justin Lum of KSEE24 News.

KSEE24 reports that two horses named Handsome and Lakota were grazing peacefully when their owners say two stray dogs attacked viciously and it was all caught on camera. (click below for video of the attack)

Richard Keg – image from video courtesy KSEE24

Richard Keg says his family’s horses bring joy to his father’s life — joy so close to being taken away last Saturday.

“They’re very traumatized,” said Keg. “If you make a loud noise or move too fast, they jump, they run. You can tell they’re very nervous.”

Cameras at Keg’s North Fork home captured the attack of the family’s beloved horses. The footage shows both animals rushing the horses back and forth across the pen.

“The sound of them was vicious sounding,” Keg told Lum. “I mean it wasn’t like your friendly dog having a little bark or something.”

After grabbing his 12-gauge shotgun, Keg raced out the door to confront the dogs. He said the first dog didn’t seem to be afraid of him.

“It all happened so quickly but I know he turned and headed towards me,” said Keg.

Keg shot both dogs to death before calling authorities. The Madera County Sheriff’s Office says the owner of the dogs violated a county ordinance by allowing them to run free. It is not yet known if the owner will be charged. Deputies say this case will be sent to animal control.

As for Keg, attorney Charles Magill says he shouldn’t face prosecution for defending his animals.

“If you’re out in a rural area you can use a weapon to defend property which is clearly what this person did here,” says Magill. “I don’t think there’s any likelihood of any liability.”

“If those dogs were trained to stay near the owners, stay at home and not run off, this wouldn’t have happened,” said Keg.

The Kegs say Handsome and Lakota’s leg injuries will heal. There are no infections at this point.

To read the full story and see the video of the attack and the interview with Keg, click here.

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