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Does Your Decorating Measure Up?

One of the most common decorating issues that I see in homes and offices is wall art/décor hung too high.
There is a rule of thumb for hanging artwork on a wall when it is “floating”. Floating is when there is nothing substantial below it, as in furniture. Here are some measurements to help with that:

• Find the center (top to bottom) of the piece of art,
• That center should be hung 60-65 inches from the floor.
• This means taking some measurements and doing a little bit of math to get it right. With practice you may be able to “see” where 60-65 inches is on a wall without using a tape and calculations. I still do both for some applications, because it is important.
Using this measurement makes art more visually appealing whether viewed sitting or standing.

The above placement “rule” doesn’t apply to every situation. Here’s another:

• When art is being placed above furniture (sofa, chair, buffet, chest or other substantial furniture) the bottom of the art should be only 4-8 inches above the top of that furniture.

DICI 2When art, hung over furniture, isn’t placed correctly it will feel out of proportion usually because it’s too small, so think larger. In this red and blue dining room, the art over the hutch should have been larger in height and width.

When creating a grouping or vignette, as seen on this buffet top, keep items “in tight” and don’t be afraid to hang art low so that it’s “connected” to other items. I will address grouping of items, in a vignette, in a future article.


Here are a few more examples of wall art placement.

This metal art piece by itself was too small above the sofa, so its size was visually increased with the addition of sconces on each side.


Over a headboard keep the artwork connected to items below it.


DICI 6Mirrors usually feel best when visually attached to other items, not floating by themselves on a wall.

Where you place a mirror is also very important and will be addressed in a future article.

Photos and other items in a wall collage should be grouped close together without too much space between them. Balance is also important.


I hope this information and the examples help you with some guidelines. Let me know if you rehang any items in your house using these “rules” and then tell me how you like the results.

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