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DNA Match Convicts Man Of Rape/Murder 13 Years Later

MADERA – When a homeless woman was raped and murdered just off Yosemite Avenue in Madera in Sept. 2000, authorities were unable to identify the victim.

Though DNA eveidence from the assailant was discovered during her autopsy, and entered into a national law enforcement database, it wasn’t until 2008 when a positive match was made to Frank Hogan, then living in Oregon.Madera Police Department contacted Hogan and learned that he had been living in Madera at the time of the crime, and arrested him and returned him to Madera where he was charged with rape and murder.

The identity of the victim, who was an Air Force veteran who had fallen on hard times, was not known until 2011.

On Thursday, Apr. 4, a Madera Superior Court jury convicted Hogan, now 39, of first degree murder and rape, together with special allegations for using a weapon and inflicting great bodily injury during the rape, according to Madera County District Attorney Michael Keitz.

Senior Deputy District Attorneys Sally Moreno and Linda Dunn prosecuted the case.

Hogan is scheduled to be sentenced on May 8, in the Madera Superior Court. He faces life in state prison, without the possibility of parole, for his convictions.

“This crime was truly a tragedy. The jury’s verdict in this case will help bring closure to the victim’s family, allow justice to be done, and help insure Hogan harms no other member of the public,” said District Attorney Keitz.

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