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D.A. Moreno Responds to Civil Unrest after George Floyd Death

Editor’s Note — Madera County District Attorney Sally Moreno responded over the weekend to the nationwide civil unrest in the wake of the death of George Floyd on May 25 while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here is her full statement:

MADERA — There is nothing more central to my principles as a District Attorney than the sanctity and uniqueness of human life and my duty and privilege to stand with the voiceless in the pursuit of justice.

Madera County D.A. Sally Moreno

I personally condemn in the strongest terms racism and bigotry wherever it exists, in any form, in any uniform, by any perpetrator. I recognize that I have a profound duty and responsibility to use the extraordinary power of my office to continue striving to dismantle generations of inequity and to, with courage, build systems of justice that represent a new way forward.

I acknowledge that here in Madera County we have, on the whole, extraordinarily good relations between Law Enforcement and our citizenry. These relationships have been forged over time, and tested through adversity. I am proud of the work Madera’s law enforcement leaders have put into building and maintaining candid and honest dialog with Madera’s citizens.

I am equally proud of their well-earned reputation for fair and just conduct at all times. I remain supremely confident that law enforcement leadership of all agencies here in Madera condemns with me racially motivated violence of any kind, and trains, teaches, and requires that all officers do likewise.

I mourn with Minneapolis and long, as I’m certain do most of her residents, for a return to peace with the structural changes necessary to forward justice and equity for all Americans.

I offer my most sorrowful condolences to the family and friends of Mr. George Floyd and to the communities across this country so deeply wounded and suffering.

Mr. George Floyd. I have said his name. As a leader in this community, I will continue to work to bring an end to the racial inequity, bigotry, and racism that has demeaned our justice system. I will not waver.

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