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Diabetes Alert Dogs At Oakhurst Library

Submitted by Eastern Madera County SPCA

OAKHURST – The Oakhurst Library is pleased to host a very special event to introduce our mountain communities to Diabetes Alert Dogs.

Jeremy and Alicia Becker of Oakhurst, along with their six children, have embarked on a mission to breed and train Diabetes Alert Dogs (DADs).

The Becker dogs are trained to alert their diabetic owners before their blood sugar levels become dangerous.

“The Becker family’s diabetes alert dogs can detect the scent of a diabetic who is experiencing the chemical change of falling blood sugar,” explains Jeremy. “The dogs are also trained to alert their owner when this change occurs. So the diabetic patient can correct their low blood sugar before it becomes a problem.”

And, because they are considered Medical Assistance dogs, they are allowed to go everywhere their owner may go in the public arena. For instance, they are allowed on all modes of travel, including airplanes. The only exception is when their owner is admitted to a hospital.

Trained dogs are being used to detect the onset of seizures and the development of various cancers. Dogs can be trained to assist autistic children and to track the movement of whales and other endangered species.

The entire Becker family is involved in the raising and training of their dogs and the family will bring one or two of their trained dogs to the event so the audience can meet them up close.

The Beckers will speak to the public on July 19 at 10:30 a.m. in the Oakhurst Library Community Room. If you have any questions about this special occasion, please call the Library at 559-683-4838.

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