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Detwiler Fire Continues To Threaten Mariposa, Pushes Toward Coulterville

MARIPOSA COUNTY — As firefighters prepare for another hard day on the firelines, the residents of Mariposa are holding their breath.

Overnight, the fire nearly doubled in size to 45,724 acres with just 7 percent containment, and continues its relentless advance on the historic town.

More than 1,500 homes are threatened, 8 have been destroyed and 1 damaged.

There are currently 2,208 personnel assigned to the incident including 217 engines, 35 crews, 35 dozers, 26 water tenders, 11 helicopters and 9 air tankers.

Just after 8 a.m., reports came in that the fire was making hard runs and had jumped across Highway 49 north of Schilling road towards Coulterville. Officials requested evacuation advisories be issued for that community.

Yesterday, firefighters experienced extreme and aggressive fire behavior with active crowning, short-range spotting and uphill runs. That behavior is expected to continue today.

The communities of Hunters Valley, Bear Valley, Catheys Valley, Mormon Bar, Mariposa, Mt. Bullion, Yaqui Gulch/ Aqua Fria area, Hornitos  and now Coulterville continue to be threatened.

The public is asked to please respect and heed all evacuations and warnings, and please stay out of the area. Fire conditions change rapidly and the situation is dangerous.

Evacuation Orders-

SOUTH COUNTY are in effect for the following areas:

  • Mount Bullion Ridge Road from HWY 49N to HWY 140 and ALL feeder roads
  • Old Toll Road between Corbett Creek Road and HWY 49N, including Corbett Creek Road
  • Mount Gaines Road to No.9 Road including No.9 Road
  • HWY 140 from Hornitos Rd. to Hwy 49S and ALL feeder roads both sides
  • Yaqui Gulch Rd. from HWY 140 to Old HWY ALL feeder roads on both sides
  • Old HWY from 49S to School House Rd. and ALL feeder roads on both sides
  • Buckeye Rd. to Benhur Rd. both sides of the road and feeder roads
  • Benhur from Buckeye to Hwy 49S
  • Mariposa Town HWY 140 from 49N to East Whitlock Rd. and ALL feeder roads
  • East Whitlock Rd from HWY 140 to Mosher Rd. and All feeder roads to the West
  • Hornitos Rd. from HWY 140 to Mount Gaines Rd. and ALL feeder roads, including the community of Whispering Oaks
  • West Whitlock from 49N to Mosher Rd. and ALL feeder roads and all areas north of the Merced River

Evacuation Warnings –

North County:

  • HWY 49N from Schilling Rd. to HWY 132 including ALL feeder roads
  • Main Street Coulterville
  • Dogtown Rd. from Greeley Hill Rd. to Texas Hill Rd. and All of Texas Hill Rd
  • Schilling Rd from HWY 49N to Texas Hill Rd.
  • All of the Coulterville and Greeley Hill area

South County

  • Hwy 49s from Ben Hur Rd to Indian Peak Rd- including all feeder roads Ashworth to Silver Lane including all feeder roads
  • Silver Bar to Ashworth- including all feeder roads
  • Indian Peak to Oak Grove Rd- including all feeder roads
  • Oak Grove Rd from Miwuk Rd to Oak Grove School Rd-including all feeder roads
  • Allred Rd from 49S to Morningstar Lane- including all feeder roads
  • Morningstar Lane to Carlton Rd- including all feeder roads
  • Carlton Rd to Silva Rd- including all feeder roads
  • Silva Rd to Hwy 49 South- including all feeder roads
  • Bear Valley Rd- All homes from Exchequer Rd to Hornitos Rd Hornitos Town Area

Road Closures

  • HWY-49 at HWY-132 (Coulterville Rd.) – Restricted access to locals with addresses in La Grange, Coulterville, or Greely Hill only
  • Bear Valley Rd. at Exchequer Rd.
  • Hornitos Rd. from Mount Gaines to HWY 140
  • HWY-49N from Hwy 140 to HWY 132
  • Mt. Gains Rd. at No.9 Rd.
  • Hwy 49 at Aqua Fria.
  • Hwy 140 at Aqua Fria
  • HWY 140 from Triangle Rd. to School House Rd.
  • 49S from HWY 140 to Triangle Rd.
  • Red Cross Evacuation Shelter located at EV Free Church, 50443 School Road, Oakhurst, CA Sierra Vista Presbyterian, 39696 HWY 41, Oakhurst, CA Red Cross Evacuation Shelter located at Cesar Chavez Middle School, 161 Plainsburg Road, Planada CA

Small animals: EV Free Church 50443 School House Road, Oakhurst, CA. And Cesar Chavez Middle School, 161 Plainsburg Road, Planada, CA . (559)-433-9663 Large animals: Mariposa County Animal Control (209)-966-3614

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