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Military grade training round found near business in Oakhurst - photo Conan Cocallas

Deputies Called Out For “Military Grade Training Round” At Oakhurst Business

OAKHURST – It was an interesting day for the folks at an Oakhurst business when someone discovered what appeared to be an old bomb lying in the weeds near an outbuilding.

Conan Cocallas was walking through the area near what used to be the Cause 4 Paws Thrift Store on Highway 41 when he noticed a strange object on the ground. He took a picture of it and notified the property owner, who contacted the Sheriff’s Office to come out and have a look.

Deputies responded and determined that it was indeed a “military grade training round.”

“It was very old and had been in that location for a long period of time,” according to the Sheriff’s Office. “It had numerous characteristics that rendered it deactivated, and it’s been confirmed as ‘safe.'”

In an abundance of caution, the Sheriff’s Office notified the Fresno Bomb Squad to come out and remove the item and dispose of it, and they confirm that “there is no danger to the public.”

We are posting this story not only because it’s an interesting event to come across such an artifact, but to let people know why they might see the bomb squad in the Oakhurst area – not an everyday occurrence!

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