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Dennis Fairbanks Supports Michael Salvador

As a sheriff candidate during the primary, I have received numerous inquiries of which candidate I will be backing for Sheriff. Without question or hesitation the best candidate for the job is Michael Salvador.

Knowing Mike for many years I can vouch for his character and integrity. Mike has been part of the Sheriff’s top management team for years and has overseen all aspects of the department. He will be able to step into the job on his very first day.

Mr. Varney lacks the experience needed in managing a large department. He states that with his experience and education he will make Madera County one of the safest in California. Madera County already enjoys that status. Mr. Varney has been the Chief of Chowchilla PD for the past ten years and I cannot find Chowchilla listed in the top 100 safest cities in California.

Mr. Varney is a typical politician believing in big government, supported by influential parties. This is apparent by his statement about establishing a foundation. Foundations can be extremely powerful and political. Checkout resent issues where California sheriffs have been criticized by doing favors for foundations members.

For those who live in the mountain and foothill areas, I question Mr. Varney’s knowledge of the problems and concerns that are specific to our area. Prior to the campaign, I do not believe Mr. Varney was ever seen in our mountain communities.

Mr. Varney may boast about his endorsements, like the Police Chiefs Association and the Madera Deputy Association (MDA). The association of Police Chiefs endorses him as he is a member. The MDA, although a very close vote, endorses him because he has never had to take disciplinary action against them or made decisions in the best interest of the department contrary to individual’s opinions or agendas.

Dennis Fairbanks

Coarsegold CA 93614

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