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Defendant Testifies At YLP Arson Trial

Waterman testified at trial that she had been going in and out of the house, had her soccer uniform in the dryer, and that Jackson and his father were in the pool when they saw the smoke. Waterman said that she hurried to move her truck out of the driveway so she could leave for her soccer game before the fire engines blocked her in, and that firefighters had to lift their hoses for her to drive under. Later that day, she testified that her husband had moved her truck because her father-in-law’s pickup was in the driveway and she didn’t want to run into it backing out.

Prosecutor Moreno questioned Waterman about why she would leave while a fire was burning so near her house.

“So there’s a fire right next to your house and your first thought is, you have to get to a soccer game?” asked Moreno.

“Well, I had made a commitment and if I didn’t go, they wouldn’t have enough players,” Waterman answered.

“But wasn’t your

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