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Dedicated COPs Volunteer Retires From Duty

MADERA COUNTY A banquet room filled with the sworn personnel and volunteers who make up Madera County Sheriff’s Office’s nationally recognized Citizens on Patrol (COP), paid tribute to a veteran volunteer on Wednesday, July 17.

COP Everett Macy – radio ID V3 was honored for more than a decade of service to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office.

Macy’s background in both military and law enforcement made him a perfect candidate for the sheriff’s Citizens On Patrol program.

Macy told the packed room during the luncheon that when he moved to the mountain area he looked forward to retirement a workout in the morning, followed by a cup of coffee while reading the daily paper, and an opportunity to finally enjoy the finer things the great outdoors had to offer.

“That lasted about 3 weeks,” he said.

His wife, who had read about COPs, suggested he sign up. “You could do this,” she told him.

So he marched into the sheriff’s Oakhurst Substation in 2002 and applied for a position.

During his tenure, he became Team Leader of the Coarsegold Patrol Unit, and president of the volunteer organization. He quickly became the go-to guy – someone who could be counted on to assist in handling a host of duties, some of which included: Bass Lake Boat Patrol, Search & Rescue operations, traffic control, crime scene control, first responder incidents, and house and welfare checks.

He was also a part of an elite group of volunteers who became FEMA certified for Madera County.

It must be noted that Macy is not leaving Madera County for a lack of love for a job he’s done for eleven solid years, noted Sheriff John Anderson. “If he had it his way, he would continue doing what he has become famous for team building and ever ready to serve as the sheriff’s second set of eyes and ears.”

Macy leaves Madera County to assume a different or perhaps equally important line of duty that will take him to Georgia – to be near his children and grandchildren.

As the old adage goes, nobody can do for our smallest citizens what grandfathers do.

Everett Macy will be greatly missed for his kindness, patience and candor, says the Sheriff’s Office. He will be missed for his dedication and enthusiasm. Most of all he will be missed for just how seriously he took his role to volunteer his time as a public servant.

“You are”, noted Sheriff John Anderson, during the lunch, “above reproach.”

COP Everett Macy leaves the mountain community of Madera County on July 26, 2013.

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