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Daytime Burglars Strike Lushmeadows And Ponderosa Basin

MARIPOSA COUNTY – The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office has issued a statement today saying they’ve received six reports of daytime residential burglaries over the past few days, incidents which apparently have occured between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

In each case, according to the Sheriff’s Office, the burglars have moved quickly in and out of the residence by gaining entry through an unlocked door or window. They are said to have been taking small items which can be easily carried by hand or in a pillow case. Examples of stolen items include jewelry, guns, money, collectibles and alcohol.

These burglaries have been occurring in the Lushmeadows and Ponderosa Basin communities. The Sheriff’s Office has assigned several resources to these incidents.

Community members are reminded by authorities to close and lock all doors and windows whenever their home is unoccupied, and to report anything suspicious and/or out of the ordinary. For instance, delivery vehicles that are unusual to the area at a specific day and time could be considered out of the ordinary.

Anyone with information regarding these cases is urged to contact the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office at (209) 966-3615.

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