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David Linn Says He’ll Run For Re-election As District Attorney

MADERA – Madera County District Attorney David Linn announced today that he is a candidate for re-election as Madera County D.A. in the June 5 election.

When Linn was first elected in 2014, he said he wasn’t sure if he would seek re-election, but has now decided to do so.

All necessary documents and filing fees were provided to the Madera County Clerk’s Office/Elections Division earlier this week, says Linn, noting that his candidacy will be a “working campaign” so that he can “continue to efficiently run the District Attorney’s office and to continue his ongoing investigation of all Madera County Supervisors and the County Administration.”

Linn says he has been contacted by citizens throughout the county who have strongly encouraged him to remain in office so that he can “fulfill his longstanding pledge to clean up Madera County.” He says he has completed all of the promises he initially made to the voters in 2014, and wants to ensure that Madera County’s plan to construct a new District Attorney’s Office is finalized, and his goal to make the D.A.’s office more efficient through computerization is realized.

Linn also asserts that “none of the other individuals who have stated that they are going to run for District Attorney, or have filed, have not been residents of Madera County for more than a few months, if at all.”

His challenger Sally Moreno disputes that assertion, saying she moved to Madera Ranchos in 1993, lived in Merced and Fresno Counties while working as a prosecutor there, and returned to Madera County in 2014.

Paul Hornick, who is also running against Linn, became Senior Deputy District Attorney for Madera County in October 2015, and is a resident of the county.

Linn was a practicing defense attorney in Madera County for nearly 40 years before being elected to the office of D.A.

“I believe that if you want to represent the people of this county, you have to know them, their problems and the problems with their government.”

Linn has been engaged in efforts to discredit the County Board of Supervisors, who voted 5-0 to censure him on Nov. 27, 1017, after an external investigation that turned up evidence that he had created a hostile workplace environment and used sexually and racially offensive language. Linn denies the allegations, and says it’s all retaliation for his investigation into what he claims are inappropriate campaign contributions from developers to all five Board members.

If one candidate gets 50 percent plus one vote in the June 5 primary, they will be declared the winner, says Rebecca Martinez, Clerk/ Recorder/ Registrar for Madera County. If no one achieves that number, only the top two finishers will go on to the November election.

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