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David Linn For D.A. – Restore The Public Trust

MADERA COUNTY – Oakhurst attorney David Linn has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and he brings that same bravado to the race for District Attorney.

“Quite frankly, I believe I’m the best candidate to ever run for the office of District Attorney in Madera County,” says Linn.

“I am the most qualified candidate, and have handled more jury trials in Madera and Mariposa counties than any other attorney, including the current District Attorney.”

Linn says he decided to run for the office after being encouraged to do so by friends and colleagues, due to what he sees as mismanagement by the incumbent, Michael Keitz, and poor morale in the D.A.’s office.

The office of District Attorney is so very important,” says Linn. “You need to know your people and know your staff. He has 16 prosecutors working there when he should have 26, because nobody will work for the man.”

Linn also criticizes Keitz for not spending more time in court prosecuting cases.

“He has not prosecuted a case since he has been District Attorney,” says Linn. “Most District Attorneys in a county the size of Madera County take and handle a case load in that department, freeing up one of the deputies to do more specialized work. I will do that because I love being in court. I believe Mr. Keitz is afraid to go to court unless the judge orders him to be there so he can admonish him and sanction him.”

Another thing that inspires Linn in seeking the office is the lack of mountain area residents in County offices.

“Losing John Anderson, another mountain person, is a tragedy,” he says. “We need more mountain people in the government in Madera. It has been 100 years since a District Attorney came from Eastern Madera County. I don’t believe the current District Attorney even knew Eastern Madera County existed until the primary election this year.

As to what he would focus on were he to be elected, Linn puts the drug culture near the top of the list.

I would appropriately punish the people who are found violating the drug laws,” he says. “I believe that marijuana is a gateway drug. I believe it’s also impacting our natural resources up here in the Sierras, and I would work closely with the Sheriff’s Office to eradicate the drug cartels in Eastern Madera County and the meth labs that are processing drugs in the Central Valley.”

Linn also believes there are mental health issues involved in the drug culture, which need to be addressed.

“We have a homeless population up here, and they are largely substance abusers, whether drugs or alcohol,” says Linn. “These people were born and raised in Eastern Madera County. I understand them, I deal with them, I have worked with them, and I will prosecute them.”

He also says it’s important to work at “stemming the tide of parents throwing their kids out on the street at the age of 16 when they’re too hard to handle. It’s happening all over the place, and it’s why we have a homeless population up here.”

Linn considers elder abuse to be another growing crime problem, particularly in Eastern Madera County.

“I believe I am in much better contact with our older population,” he says. “I have represented many of our seniors, know what is being done to them, and have done my best as a trial attorney to protect the seniors of Eastern Madera County. I do not know of any elder abuse prosecution that my opponent has ever done.”

Linn says he can handle those cases well because his practice has been so diversified.

“I have handled estate matters, power of attorney matters, estate planning matters, and insurance matters for the older citizens in the mountain area. I understand how susceptible they are to unlawful practices, and many of the things that can happen to them when their heirs become greedy.”

Linn says that as District Attorney, he will have an open-door policy, and one day a week will be available for citizens to stop in at his office to discuss their concerns.

In answer to the question of how a life-long defense attorney can step into the shoes of the top prosecutor in the county, Linn says that is a non-issue.

“There’s only one constitution in the U.S., and the laws apply to both sides. I respect the law; he doesn’t. Nor does he respect law enforcement, which is why none of them are supporting him.”

David Linn has practiced law for the past 37 years, and is an Oakhurst resident. He is licensed to practice in California and has also been admitted to the Bar by the United States Court of Appeals for the federal circuit, the United States Claims Court and the United States Supreme Court.

Linn was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Naval Reserve and served on active duty in Vietnam. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University, a master’s degree in business administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and a Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University.

To learn more about David Linn, visit his website at

Endorsements for David Linn include:

Chowchilla Police Officers Association
Madera Deputy Sheriffs Association
Madera Police Officers Association
Madera County Probation Officers Assoication
Central California Tax Payers Association

The Honorable George Radanovich
Supervisor Tom Wheeler
Chowchilla Mayor Richard Walker
Chowchilla Council Member Janan Hebert
Congressman Rick Lehman (Retired)
Robert McGurty
Angie Hill
Brooke Bergman
Karen Mitchell
Lawrence Wayte
Eugene Action
Diane Browder
Michael Woods
Jeffrey Reid
Michael Ball
Nancy Meyers
Andrea Wheeler
Russell Cook
Anthony Tucker
David Dutton
Beverly Wells
Dennis Chezick
Carol Moses
Rhonda Salsbury
Jeffrey Barigian
Todd Miller
Sam Pistoresi
Gary & Gayle Pirtle
John & Toni Lindsey
Steven Sherrod
Mike Todd
Sara Arthurs
Ray Kern
Terry Ginder
Teresa Cowger
Ed & Gail McIntyre
Greg Hostetler, farmer
Former DA Candidate Miranda Neal
Marge Medellin

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