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Csilla Schulcz

Csilla Schulcz passed away on Nov. 26, 2018 at the age of 59.

She was born on Aug 24, 1959, in Budapest, Hungary, to Eva and Gyorgy Enyedy. She grew up in communist Hungary and studied art and photography after high school.

Csilla worked at Hungarian television as a movie editor until she moved to Germany and waited three years for her American Visa.

In 1984, she arrived in Los Angeles where she learned English, worked at a photo lab, met her husband and had two boys, Francis and Oliver.

In 1993, Csilla’s life changed forever. She overcame her atheistic upbringing and found hope in her faith in God. Her quest to know her Savior lasted all her life. She studied the Bible, attended church and Bible studies, and read hundreds of books on the subject.

In 2003, she moved to Oakhurst and two years later was hired to run the office at Sierra Pines Church. She kept “the best job in the world” until her illness in 2018.

Csilla was blessed with many talents. She was an award-winning painter and photographer, and she self-published a book of poems.

In her later years, she discovered the art of re-purposing and created a colorful wonderland in her backyard. She loved the solitude of gardening while at the same time enjoying the company of people. Linda Newton called her a “people collector.” She received that name by caring deeply for others.

She became a grandmother in 2012 and had a special bond with her granddaughter, Emery.

Csilla passed away with fulfillment in her life, looking forward to meeting Jesus.

Memorial Service will be Sunday, Jan. 6 at 2 p.m. at the Sierra Pines Church, 40855 Covey Court in Oakhurst, Calif.

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