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Csilla Enyedy Schulcz: Three Dimensional Joy

CSILLA CSilla Schulcz

Csilla Enyedy Schulcz

Csilla Enyedy Schulcz
Sierra Art Trails 2015 Catalog #50

“I am convinced that God has built into all of us, in varying degrees, the capacity for an appreciation of beauty, and has even allowed us the privilege of participating in the creation of beautiful things and beautiful places. I think it may be one way God brings healing to our brokenness, and a way that we can contribute toward bringing wholeness to our fallen world.” — Mary Jane Worden

My name is Csilla Enyedy Schulcz; currently I live in Oakhurst, but I was born in Budapest, Hungary, where I studied art and photography. In Hungary I worked as a film editor, designed book covers, and won nationwide competitions with my photography. I have been living in the United States for 30 years. In addition to photography, I paint and create 3D art, combining my pictures with other objects.

CSILLA Csilla Schulcz Aspen 3d painting

Csilla Enyedy Schulcz, Aspen

To me, creating art is meditating on God’s gift of beauty and sharing that gift with others. The things that excite me the most are colors and shapes that are extraordinarily highlighted by contrast, or the light and shapes create the perfect harmony. Those are the times when I am struck with such and awe and joy that I want to hold onto that sight forever. That’s what I try to accomplish through my art.

My favorite subject, living in this beautiful part of the world, is nature. I love trees, especially aspen trees. This led me to a come up with a different kind of media. It combines paintings or photographs with hand painted branches that are made to look like trees. This created a three dimensional art. For the larger pieces, I use a spray-painting technique that allows me to use brilliant colors.

CSILLA Csilla Schulcz Little Church

Csilla Enyedy Schulcz, Little Church

At the Sierra Art Trails in October I’ll be demonstrating how I create my three dimensional pieces.

Images and biography submitted by the artist.

Sierra Art Trails Open Studio Tour is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 2, 3 and 4, 2015.

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CSILLA Csilla Schulcz Yosemite Winter

Csilla Enyedy Schulcz, Yosemite Winter


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