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Critters That Hang Around The House: Roberta Bobcat

If you live in the foothills like I do, you have many visitors dropping by. I have started calling this one Roberta Bobcat but I don’t have a clue whether Roberta is a he or a she.

She makes her rounds through the property about once a day. She had been coming through in the afternoon but has recently modified her schedule to visit in the mornings. I wonder why she made this change.

This morning she hung out for about an hour, stopping for a while, even laying down for a while. I watched her get excited about a cottontail about 30 feet away from her, but for some reason she gave up on the idea of having that cottontail for breakfast. I watched her walk within 10 feet from the cottontail, just continuing on her route. She knew it was there but chose to not pursue it. The cottontail also knew she was there and just sat there, frozen.

Roberta had a schedule to keep so she headed on her way, walking up the driveway and onto her next stop.


  1. You mention a route? We’re abouts is this route?

  2. Tracy, At least part of Roberta’s route is in the Ahwahnee/ Nipinnawasee area!

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