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Creek Fire Containment Less Than 50%

NORTH FORK – Oct. 5, 2020 – With the Creek Fire still very active in the south zone (Fresno County), effective immediately, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office has issued evacuation orders for the following zones around Florence Lake: F10C, F10D, F10E, F10F and F10G.

The containment figure that was reported yesterday, October 4th, of 62% was in error. This was caused by multiple sources inputting conflicting data into the incident geo-database. Containment is currently at 48% with full containment not expected until the end of this month.

MADERA COUNTY – The uncontained fire edge in the north will move up farther in the rocks and Lion burn and stall out with little to no fuel. There still remains potential for movement to the north into the wilderness. Along the area of uncontained fire perimeter near Cold Springs and in close proximity to Little Shuteye Peak, firefighters are attacking the slow-moving flame front directly.

All other lines along the west flank, south of Globe Rock are in patrol status. Good containment has been achieved along northern fire perimeters in the vicinity Red Top Peak where active gridding (fire fighters moving through the area ensuring embers in the duff located and extinguished) and mop up are ongoing. Resources in the interior of the fire, including The Road Group continued to drop hazard trees (snagging) and clear roads of debris, as well as maintain a watch over unburned fuels in Arnold and Johnson Meadows.

The last structure assessments are also taking place in the northern interior. Seasonal and fire-induced loss of needles and leaves provides an additional opportunity for reignition within already burned areas. Crews are assessing and clearing the lines of these new flammable materials to ensure the fire does not move into unburned areas (green islands).

FRESNO COUNTY – Expect slow, steady, active fire spread in any direction with good fuel Continuity. Deep seated fire in heavy fuels will advance through moderate to high intensity surface fire. Very steep terrain will support short aggressive runs through timber. Zones around Florence Lake have been identified for evacuation orders.

Humidity will be continue to be low, especially in the upper slopes. This is caused from the thick thermal belts, which is anticipated for the next few nights. The weather is expected to return to seasonable normal patterns by Thursday.

There will be a live stream incident update at 7:00 PM today hosted by Sierra National Forest Facebook Page.

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