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Creek Fire: 291,426 Acres Burned with 34% Containment

MADERA COUNTY – Sept. 24, 2020 – Current weather conditions will continue through the weekend when a high-pressure system is expected to move across the northern part of the West Coast. This will shift winds to the northeast that will create a light to moderate down-sloping wind. Temperatures are also expected to climb this weekend and into next week with day-time high temperatures nearing 100 degrees in the lower elevations of the south and west areas of the fire.

Air Operations were delayed early in the day yesterday due to smoke conditions, however, during the afternoon, helicopters were able to resume water-drops along the Central Camp contingency lines, and in the area between Globe Rock and Little Shuteye Peak. With
effective air support firefighting crews once again were able to aggressively back-burn problematic areas and continue to work towards extending the containment line north of Peckinpah Meadows.

On Friday, the Mariposa Heli-base will terminate firefighting operations, and all helicopters based there will relocate to Mammoth Lakes Airport. This relocation is in response to the expected northeast winds with the high-pressure system moving into the area this weekend, and not a result of any increased threat of fire progression.

At its closest distance, the fire was measured to be about 14 miles west of Mammoth Lakes. The visual inspection verified that the natural barriers and the previous burn scar do appear to be limiting fire spread in the north-eastern flank. Conditions continue to be monitored very closely by emergency officials. Additional information is available via the Sierra National Forest Facebook page.

Once again, with the increased use of air resources, please respect the Temporary Flight Restriction. The use of drones is not permitted over the fire area. A drone incursion will result in the grounding of all firefighting aircraft. Remember, “If you fly – We can’t.”


FRESNO COUNTY – The fire actively burned south of Mount Tom and progressed towards Portal Forebay while actively burning and torching in the trees. Eastern portions of the fire continue to move to the east towards Dinkey Lake Wilderness and the southern portion of the fire continues burning with some short-range spotting and should completely burn out to control lines as intended.

The low humidity overnight assisted to completely consume fuels within the burn perimeter, burning out interior islands. Humidity recoveries were at best moderate and poor in other areas overnight with clear skies and relatively light winds.

Sunny skies are again expected Thursday along with seasonal temperatures and humidity, followed by the potential for record heat this weekend which is likely to increase fire behavior.

Fire progression will slow as fuels become reduced in the higher elevations due to the increase of rocky terrain while it will continue to smolder in heavier fuel areas.

Completing containment remains a priority in the South Zone of the Creek Fire through the use of heavy equipment and hand crews. Other fire personnel will focus on tactical patrol, including mop up of hot spots near and within the fire perimeter and preparing structure
defense within threatened areas.

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