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Crash On Road 426 Leads To Investigation Into Two More

OAKHURST — CHP is investigating an accident that took place on Road 426, but it may lead to two more incidents that happened earlier, just a few miles away.

At about 9 p.m., reports came in of a vehicle off the road and upside down just below the top of the grade on Road 426 near Woodcrest Drive.

When first responders arrived at scene, they found a Chevy Traverse about 25 feet down a steep embankment, on its roof, with the driver still inside.

The 82-year-old Wishon resident was alert and seemed uninjured, but his leg was stuck, and firefighters and EMS had to free him from the SUV before they could load him onto a litter.

The driver told first responders that the vehicle would still start up, but they discouraged him from doing that.

Firefighters cut the tall brush away to allow them to carry the man up the nearly vertical embankment and into the ambulance for evaluation.

The driver was determined not to be under the influence, appeared to be uninjured, and refused to be transported for treatment. He was taken home by a CHP officer.

Not long after officers arrived at the scene of this crash, they were notified of two more incidents in the area of Spook Lake, just a few miles to the west.

A witness had called in and reported that a vehicle matching the description of the Chevy Traverse had crashed into a power pole on Moonray Lane. The driver then left the scene and headed west on Spook Lane, where he somehow backed into a welded metal fence about 400 feet from Road 426. The witness also provided a license plate number.

An officer was able to followed the trail of fluids from the scene of the damaged fence, and it led up the hill on Road 426 to the area of the overturned SUV.

Once Advanced Auto got the vehicle back up onto the roadway, officers could see evidence that the SUV had likely hit something before this accident – perhaps a power pole.

PG&E was called out to Moonray Lane to deal with the damaged pole, and Advanced Auto had to bring out two trucks to get the Chevy up the embankment and onto a flatbed.

CHP is investigating whether this vehicle was involved in the incidents on Spook and Moonray Lanes.

The cause of the crash on Road 426 appears to be driving too fast for conditions. That accident is also under investigation.

The driver of the Chevy was driving without a license, as his had been revoked, according to CHP.

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