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Crane Valley Dam Seismic Retrofit Complete — Dam Crest Now Open

This post is from Pacific Gas & Electric Company

BASS LAKE – PG&E is pleased to announce the completion of the Crane Valley Dam Seismic Retrofit Project and reopening of the Dam Crest pedestrian and bike trail access.

The Crane Valley Dam Seismic Retrofit Project upgraded the dam to meet current federal and state seismic standards preventing downstream flooding in the event of a major earthquake and safeguarding the North Fork and downstream communities.As the successful Seismic Retrofit Project is now complete, the focus returns to the recreation activities which bring thousands of people to Bass Lake every year for the scenery, fishing, boating and swimming. PG&E is working hard to help Bass Lake return back to its natural habitat with the completion of this project.

PG&E is truly in partnership with Bass Lake and surrounding communities. Crane Valley Dam and Bass Lake supply cost-effective and clean renewable energy, flood protection, habitat for fish and wildlife and for the community — provides public recreation areas which drive this local economy.

PG&E is committed to long term restoration efforts around the dam and Wishon Quarry sites. The 54-acre quarry site is being carefully restored with more than 30,000 trees planted as part of a plan to replenish the area with native vegetation.

Additionally, PG&E committed to stock Bass Lake with high quality catchable and trophy rainbow trout. The first few fish stockings already occurred adding over 4,000 pounds of catchable and trophy rainbow trout added to the lake to date.

Another 10 fish stockings are scheduled through May 2014 which adds another 13,000 pounds of high quality rainbow trout to Bass Lake.

The Crane Valley Dam Seismic Retrofit Project is a great example in working collaboratively with regulatory agencies and local community stakeholders to solve issues and meet different needs. We thank the Bass Lake and surrounding communities for their support helping make this a successful project.

We hope this summer brings a new wave of tourism to Bass Lake to enjoy this improved resource for the community.

Please visit for pictures of the completed dam and more information on the lifting of the lake level restriction now that the dam is complete.

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