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Featured Artist- Courtney Lynn

45343 121104561360530 2027954928 nTo describe Courtney Lynn, as an artist, and mother, is accurate but perhaps limiting. She allows time to play daily, strives for balance, appreciates the complexity and simplicity of a life lived abundantly and self identifies herself as obsessed with juicing, nutrition and natural healing. Friends have described her as an inspired blend of pin-up girl gone hippie: Janice Joplin meets Bettie Page. But even this falls short of fully describing this promising young artist.

Courtney lives in the Sierra Nevada with her boyfriend Max and their young son Sage. Other than a brief stint in Escondido (she was born there) the balance of her life has been spent in the lush wilderness that is the Sierra National Forest.

Her experiences here have shaped both her deep appreciation for the natural world (she gleefully and deftly snatches up a rubber boa, found slithering in the yard and discusses its attributes and benefits with Sage) and fostered a passion for art.

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A smile spreads easily across her face and dazzles as she discusses Sage, Max, music, her art, or the day. This joy translates to the work she produces. Her media is usually acrylic, watercolor or ink on wood, gourds, papier-mâché or other organic objects as they inspire. Her art, like her, is unique, playful, and organic.

Some of her art is currently displayed for purchase in the bookstore at Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Rail Road in Fish Camp 4-miles south of the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park. Please contact her if you would like to order prints, purchase an original piece, or work on a custom project. She welcomes custom work and some of the projects she’s created for friends and family can be viewed at:

Oh – She also has an above average skill in hula-hoop

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