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County Hosts Event On Human Trafficking

MADERA COUNTY – Human trafficking is often associated with using women from other countries as prostitutes and personal sex slaves, but in reality the impacts are far more widespread and local. Many at-risk youth in the United States, both boys and girls, find themselves victim to trafficking for both sex and forced labor.

Madera County hosted a series of events during January to highlight the many faces of trafficking, which will end with a forum that will discuss the County’s strategy for addressing these crimes, on Monday, Feb. 1, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Valley West Christian Center, 101 West Adell Street in Madera.

“It is sad to say that in 2016 we are still trying to stop the abuse of women due to the human trafficking crimes of thugs and bullies,” said District 3 Supervisor Farinelli. “Women deserve better and as a civilized community we need to do all we can to end this practice and protect the women, and in many cases, the children, abused by this horrific crime.”

The program is a panel discussion detailing what Madera County is doing to combat the sex trade. The participating organizations are the Madera County Department of Social Services, Madera Sheriff’s Office, City of Madera Police Department, Community Action Partnership of Madera County, Central Valley Justice Coalition and Mollie’s House, among others.

This is a free program and dinner will be served. Supervisor Farinelli urges all those concerned with learning more about this problem and what is being done to end it, to attend.

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