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County Elections Resends Undelivered Absentee Ballots

MADERA COUNTY — Following reports yesterday that some residents are still awaiting the arrival of their absentee ballots, which have yet to show up in their mailboxes, Registrar of Voters Rebecca Martinez stated today that additional vote‐by‐mail ballots were issued to voters in light of the mix-up.

“The County’s longtime printing vendor mistakenly addressed a number of ballot envelopes with voters’ home addresses rather than Post Office Box addresses,” reports Martinez. “As a result, some voters did not receive their ballots.”

To ensure that every eligible voter has the opportunity to vote, says Martinez, the Elections division reissued ballots to those voters who had not already contacted the office seeking their ballot. The additional ballots were reportedly issued on May 31.

“Voters will have ballots in their Post Office Boxes no later than tomorrow,” states Stephanie Sibley, the Elections Division Manager, in a press release dated June 1. “It is important that voters act immediately to vote their ballot and return it.”

Voters have a few different options for returning a ballot.

“If voters choose to mail their ballot, it is imperative that the ballot be postmarked by June 7 and received by the County Registrar’s Office not later than June 10,”according to the Registrar.

Voters may also deliver their ballot to any Madera County polling place on Election Day, says the Registrar. If voters wish to hand deliver their ballot to the Registrar’s Office on or before June 7, the office is located at 200 West Fourth Street in Madera.

The County Registrar’s Office will be open on Saturday, June 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to accept ballots and assist voters with any concerns. The office can be reached at (559) 675‐7720 or toll‐free at 1‐800‐435‐0509.

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