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Second and third graders sing "Too Late To Say Sorry Declaration Of Independence"

Constitution Day At Raymond-Knowles School

Fourth grade student at Founding Fathers Wax Museum — as John Jay

By Michelle Townsend — 

The Constitution is the most important document in the United States. It establishes the American government and our position as a democracy. The Constitution also lays out our freedoms as Americans; this is celebrated every September 17th in remembrance of the day the delegates signed the document at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787.

Teachers at Raymond-Knowles Elementary School have been teaching their students about this important document for the past several weeks.

RKS hosted its 4th Annual Constitution Night on Thursday evening, Sept. 14. All kindergarten through eighth-grade students studied the US Constitution; they then created a project to display their knowledge and understanding of this document.

Students shared projects with RKS families and the community at the Student Showcase Event. Our youngest Broncos shared a poetry recitation of a poem titled “Constitution Day.” Second and third-graders sang “Too Late to Say Sorry Declaration of Independence.”

Junior High students perform a skit on Amendments IV and XXVI

Fourth and fifth-grade students hosted a wax museum where each student was a founding father that came to life after visitors activated their start buttons. After being activated, they recited facts, from memory, about the founding father they were interpreting.

Junior high students performed plays that displayed their understanding of the amendments to the US Constitution.

We are proud to say that 95% of our families attended the evening.

Raymond-Knowles Elementary School hosts a student showcase event once a month. Some of them include Veteran’s Day Color Run, Winter Performance, Poetry Festival, Science Fair, Night of Creations, and more. Our student showcase events are designed to showcase student learning in an environment where families and community members can see what students have been studying through student projects.

Students and teachers designing the stage

Fourth grade student — as Thomas Mifflin

Mrs. Comstock greets visitors to the Founding Fathers Wax Museum

Fourth grade student — as John Jay

Fifth grade student — as John Witherspoon

Fourth grade student — as John Blair, Jr.

Fourth grade student — as Alexander Martin

Junior High students perform a skit on Amendments XIII and I

Junior High students perform a skit on Amendments VIII and XV


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