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Coarsegold Miner's Grill Opens For Business

There is a brand new restaurant in Coarsegold and it’s getting a lot of good reviews. I decided that I had to investigate.

Bruce, Becky and Samantha Deaver opened Coarsegold Miner’s Grill in the Coarsegold Historic Village in early June. Mother and daughter run the daily operations with Becky cooking, Samantha serving and Bruce doing whatever else needs to be done.

Becky has worked in the restaurant business for about 28 years, starting at A&W while still in high school and continuing on to be the night manager at the now defunct Sierra City Grill. Samantha grew up with her mother at the restaurant, practicing her counting skills by counting how many people needed to be seated at a table when she was very young.

Samantha graduated from high school and finished a year of community college and was then given the choice to continue her education or become her mother’s partner and open a restaurant. She choose to do both.

The moon and the stars must have aligned, since once the decision was made things moved very quickly. The location became available, and the loan they applied for on a Friday was approved and funded by the following Tuesday. Preparing the building took the longest as they completely moved everything out and cleaned, deep cleaned and cleaned some more over a 10-day period.

The Deavers serve delicious homemade items whenever possible, making sure to buy products from other small, family-owned businesses. Becky, being the chief cook, is in charge of the kitchen and is serving some of her grandmother’s top-secret recipes, including barbecue sauce for the St. Louis-style ribs that are freshly barbecued on the restaurant’s patio.

Being a coleslaw connoisseur, I found their slaw to be among the best I have ever had. Becky doesn’t dress the coleslaw until you order, so it is crisp and beautifully seasoned. Hamburger patties are handmade to order, too. Can you believe that Becky even uses a special bun to make sure her juicy burgers don’t fall apart?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served 6 days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. (breakfast until 11 a.m. every day). There is a lovely courtyard area with lots of shade available, or you can sit inside if you prefer.

I chose to sit outside to have my lunch. There was a group of six ladies sitting next to me and they all raved about their food, from the fish sandwich to the chicken salad. I liked mine so much I brought my husband back for dinner the next evening! Prices are reasonable and you will probably spend just as much at a fast food joint for lunch, so why not treat yourself to something superior?

Editor’s note: As anyone knows who has tried, starting a small business is a huge undertaking and a massive commitment, especially in this economy and in this area. If you see a new business opening their doors, stop in and sample their wares. If you’re disappointed, graciously let them know why (they want to please their customers). If you’re delighted, tell your friends. Neighbors supporting neighbors is the way small towns thrive.

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