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Coarsegold Classic Car Show

COARSEGOLD- As I wandered through the Coarsegold Classic Car Show on Saturday, I was curious about who was promoting the show and meandered over to the signup booth where I met up with Carolyn Mather, promoter and self professed “head volunteer”.

First I asked who benefited from the show and she told me the Mana House of Oakhurst which I was familiar with as we had donated food and items there in the past. Great organization.

Then I learned that the car show was promoted by a group of volunteers who had decided a few years back to take over the show when the previous promoter called it quits. Why?

“Some friends of mine and myself decided that we didn’t want to lose any more shows in the area and we all got together and worked to insure there was a show every year,” said Ms. Mather. “Just a love for getting all these great cars and people together and have a good time and to let the public view these wonderful machines.”

Best in showI have to agree with Carolyn, the cars they had entered ran from the traditional ’32 Ford Coupe (which won Best of Show), to unique vehicles such as a ’59 pink Cadillac, ’73 Pinzgauer 4wd Jeep type (made in Switzerland!), a sleek ’54 Studebaker and a hot rodded Jaguar with a bottle of champagne and a jar of grey poupon in the back seat on a tray! I guess something for everyone.

The owner of the Pinzgauer, Aaron Hoffschneider from Coarsegold filled me in on his unique 4wd vehicle. He said it had a 90hp flat four, air cooled engine (similar to a VW) with on-the-fly 4wd with very low gearing. “It’ll pull a 40 degree uphill” he said proudly.

Coarsegold Car Show-12

He kept the vehicle mostly stock but added a custom paint job, a full body roll cage and had the seats upholstered by Struck over in Ahwannee. Oh yeah, he converted the 5-lug wheels to Chevy 6-lug for a larger chose of tires. I think this was my favorite vehicle but I’m prone to 4wd vehicles.

And the winner of the Class F (trucks 1960 to 1976) was yet another 4wd, this time a 1965 Chevy Stepside owned by Jeff Giorgi. I believe this truck would be capable of traversing any 4wd route anywhere. The worksmanship was outstanding and just about every component on the vehicle had been modified to make it more capable and reliable.

Coarsegold Car Show-31

It was great to see the proud owners set up near their vehicles so people could talk to them and learn about the history of each. Most owner did a lot of the work on the vehicles themselves (thousands of hours!) but of course some work had to be farmed out. Not too many had the expertise to professionally paint for example.

Following are the winners of each category and a collage of pics which I like to do rather than write about each and every one. I’m a visual person so here they are. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Best of Show: 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe: Skip Bradlee

(Click pictures for larger image)

Best in show

Class A Cars 1900 to 1939: 1929 ford Coupe Steve Core

Coarsegold Car Show-5

Class B Cars 1940 to 1959: 1956 Ford Victoria Roger & Karen Weaver

Class C Cars 1960 to 1976: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Frank Bailey

Coarsegold Car Show-29

Class D Trucks 1900 to 1939: 1936 Ford Delivery Dave Evert

Class E Trucks 1940 to 1959: 1951 Chevy Truck Frank Salcido

Coarsegold Car Show-35

Class F Trucks 1960 to 1976: 1965 Chevy Stepside 4×4 Jeff Giogi

Coarsegold Car Show-31

Class G Motorcycles: 1940 Reproduction (Ural) Bear Campbell

Coarsegold Car Show-9

Class H foreign cars and trucks: 1967 Jaguar 420G Barbara Newton

Coarsegold Car Show-4

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  1. It looks to me that the 29 Model A coupe is the one that belongs to Bill Keil. But, I may be wrong!

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