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Classes Cancelled In North Fork After Power Pole Fire

NORTH FORK – A fire on a power pole at the transformer behind the North Fork School caused classes to be cancelled this morning.

At about 6:30 a.m., a staff member working at the school noted that the power was out, and went to investigate. That’s when it was discovered that water had gotten into the conduit of a line that runs into the ground from the transformer, causing it to short out and catch the adjacent power pole on fire.

A call was placed to 911 and firefighters responded, along with PG&E, the superintendent, and Chawanakee maintenance staff. Students and their parents were notified, and classes were cancelled for the day. Any students who arrived at school were sent to the Scout Building, and no one is allowed on campus because of the potential dangers inherent in any electrical issue.

Principal Gayle Fain says that no students were ever in any danger, and the fire was confined to the power pole behind the school. No structures were involved.

PG&E is installing a new power pole and transformer, and classes will resume on Tuesday.

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