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Chukchansi Dispute Destroying Our Peace And Quiet

To the Editor:

I’d like to point out that the infighting between the different factions of the Chukchansi Indians is affecting more than just them. They have their tribal offices on our back fence. We have been living here since 1988; the casino has only been around 10-plus years.

They have a big 4-lighted generator shining down our driveway from dusk to dawn. This is because they are afraid someone will come down our driveway and attack them. We cannot sit out, open our doors or windows in the evening because of the noise; it is hard to sleep also.

We have guards walking up and down the perimeter of our back fence 24/7 with absolutely no privacy anymore. We have suggested they install motion lights or motion detectors if they are so afraid of each other.

We just want the lighted generator to go; we have had to deal with this for over a year now. All I get from officials is that the Chukchansi Indians are a sovereign nation and we have no rights.

Stephen and Polly Hayes

Coarsegold, CA

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  1. Chuckhansi is a sovereign nation only when it benefits them. If they are a sovereign nation why did they use the Madera County Sheriff Department to protect them and not their own “police force”? This “sovereign nation” has no right to trample on the rights of any US citizen, and they have done that on several occasions with no consequences. What is wrong with our political system and the people who run it?

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