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Christmas Springs, Christmas Springs!

It’s ‘spring’ for the holidays!

Due to a mysterious surplus of rusty bed springs amongst us here at Flea Market Gardening,…many ‘spring’ projects have been used this Fall in Holiday decorations this year! Here’s what has been done by our gardening crafters:

Using bed springs in holiday decorations

When Nancy K Meyer, Sue Gerdes and Marie Niemann all found sources of rusty bed springs recently, how could they help making Fall decorations and now Christmas ones. Using their imaginations the iconic spring shape bounced into their garden crafts. They added burlap, twine, beads and candles among other materials, all of which we call ‘Art Supplies.’

Sue Gerdes's art supplies

Sue Gerdes’s art supplies

Sue wrapped some springs with twine Christmas tree bells

Sue first wrapped some springs with twine Christmas tree bells

Sue's Springy spring pots

Then Sue added beaded springs to some ‘mushroom’ painted pots

Sue wrapped twine or jute Christmas trees.

Sue wrapped twine or jute around them to make Christmas trees, topped with musical ‘note’ paper stars

Nancy K. Meyer's Winter bed springs

Nancy K. Meyer’s Winter bed springs make a wreath

Nell found a small blue flower pot

Nell Stelzer found a small blue flower pot in which to display her beaded spring candle.

Marie's Springy wreath

Marie’s Springy wreath

“Happy Holidays! One might say I have SPRING Feva! No not that kind of fever, but to find creative ways to use old rusty bed springs in some artistic projects. Here’s my bed spring wreath. It only took six springs, it’s fairly small, but works well in my home,” Marie Niemann says.

Marie's beaded spring bell. Merry Christmas

Marie’s beaded spring bell. Merry Christmas!

Marie's candles and festive tree

Marie’s candles and festive tree

Marie says, “I made these mini trees using the old tornado type springs that are the perfect shape of a tree. Add some rusty stars and mini gears and voila! A Steampunk tree is born!

The one on the right I added some bling with glass beads to jazz it up some. The base was a cool lamp I found at a thrift store made from a gear and an old camshaft. The center is a candle holder using and old cog and rusty bolt for the base to hold the candle.”

IF you need bed springs…

Contact Marie Niemann at

She will send you bed springs for approximately $5 each or $25 for 6. Free shipping!

For more great ideas, visit Sue Langley’s website

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