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CHP Helicopter Rescues Woman From Nevada Fall Trail

YOSEMITE — During the evening of Jan. 2, California Highway Patrol Helicopter 40 (H40) was requested by Yosemite National Park search and rescue personnel (YOSAR) to assist with a first-light hoist rescue of an injured person.

The victim was 63-year-old Sue Hopley from Palo Alto, Calif., who was hiking the Nevada Falls trail. Due to ice formation on the granite, she slipped and fell backwards approximately 10 feet onto the granite below, injuring her back.

Due to the seriousness of her injury, she was unable to walk and conditions were too treacherous to carry her out. A YOSAR team member sheltered her in place overnight and prepared her for the hoist rescue.

The next morning, H40 completed the rescue from the top of Nevada Falls utilizing the aircraft hoist, and flew to Ahwahnee Meadow where she was turned over to Yosemite National Park paramedics.

Ms. Hopley was eventually flown to a Modesto area hospital for medical treatment of a possible fractured back.

To watch video of the rescue, click here.

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