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Cheer Is Back At Minarets!

Minarets Cheer is student driven - photo by Angel Domingo

Gianna Sidoti and Hannah Cockerham

By Angel Domingo

As you may or may not have heard, at the start of the school year, Minarets no longer had an official cheer team. There was no cheer coach or cheer organization, until two of Minarets seniors, Hannah Cockerham and Gianna Sidoti, decided to organize a team together and do it on their own.

In order for them to achieve building a team of their own, they had to get permission, figure out the finances, find a coach, and most importantly, dedicate themselves. I personally know these girls and I can tell you that they are smart, funny and creative people.

Minarets Cheerleaders - photo by Angel Domingo

Minarets Cheer Squad – photo by Angel Domingo

Taylor Biglione generously agreed to become the cheer coach. They currently have around seven to ten girls who joined the team, and decided to use uniforms from past years so that the girls wouldn’t have to pay the usual amount, which is about $1,000.

The Minarets Mustangs students want to support their athletes for all of the hard work put on the field and on the court, and we are so thankful that Hannah and Gianna stepped up to make this happen.

Come out to support our girls and our athletes during football games and let them know what they are doing is so important to our students and our school, and won’t go unappreciated!

Angel Domingo is a Minarets senior enrolled in Digital Writing

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