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Chawanakee’s Ching Nominated For Admin Of The Year

Ching and family for principal nomination 2016O’NEALS — This year’s nominee in the Chawanakee Unified School District for Madera County Administrator of the Year is Minarets High School’s Principal Daniel Ching.

This is his third year as an administrator in our district, and only his second as Principal, making this nomination all the more impressive because he is relatively new to this leadership position. The process of voting for Administrator of the Year is district wide, with nominees and winners being decided by the teachers and certified staff. Mr. Ching is respected by his peers at Minarets.

Minarets teacher Bob Kelly, winner of the high school teacher of the year award for the San Joaquin Council for Social Studies says, “Mr. Ching works hard and he deserves it. He keeps getting better, he listens, and he has the best interest for the school, which is the students and the teachers, at heart.”


Another highly respected Minarets teacher, Jahmaal Sawyer, stated, “Mr. Ching is the epitome of a servant leader. He always puts the needs of the school first and foremost, and he has a genuine love for the students and staff at Minarets. He has made the transition from teacher to administrator so well, and our school is definitely reaping the rewards of having someone so passionate about the school, its culture, and its students.”

chingsawyerComments like these reflect just some of the praise heaped upon our district’s high school principal. Mr. Ching keeps the students and staff safe, makes sure that students are maximizing their learning potential, and encourages them to be proud of what they have accomplished. He also provides teachers with career development opportunities.

Ching was selected for Administrator/Principal of The Year because he is passionate about the school and what it can become in the future. Not only does Minarets embody unique ideas of what schooling can be, it’s a project-based 1/1 technology school (every student is given a laptop) utilizing 21st century skills for real-world relevancy.

chinglondonAccording to The Buck Institute, a leading educational organization, project-based learning is “a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.”

Principal Daniel Ching loves the school and what it stands for. He’s not afraid to get down and dance — and frequently does — during rallies.

He believes in the Minarets vision: to have a school where technology is utilized as a tool for professional and personal growth.

Mr. Ching’s deep emotional investment into the betterment of his students’ future is the product of his upbringing in the area. The Ching family laid down roots here over 30 years ago and have a special connection to the students here in our little mountain community and its school.

ching with hairGrowing up in the Chawanakee School District he was inspired by dedicated educators and wanted to be a part of it. He states that the students and teachers inspire him daily and he’s honored to be the principal of Minarets High School.

Everything Principal Ching does can be attributed to his family; he thanks them for being there and supporting him along the way.

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