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Caution – New Stop Signs On Road 426

OAKHURST – Motorists along Road 426 at the new bridge construction at Road 425B need to be aware of stop signs temporarily installed at that intersection.

There is now a 3-way stop to allow those entering off of 425B to safely enter the roadway, and there are reports that many are blowing through those stop signs, having never had to stop there before.

The Madera County Road Department has been working for several months to replace the bridge onto 425B, and with all the equipment in the area, sight distances have been restricted. There have been several near-misses and a fender bender or two at the intersection, and the public should be aware of the new traffic signs there.

Stop sign on Road 426 monitored by CHPCHP was called out this morning to monitor the area, as reports have come in that people are not stopping for the signs.

The Road Department is not able to predict exactly how much longer the bridge project will last, since weather conditions and other factors play a role, but motorists should expect another couple months of contractors and equipment in the area, and use extra caution, especially during the hours before and after school is in session.

For updates on this and other projects around Madera County, visit the Road Department on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/maderacountyroads

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