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Cause Of Dog Rock Fire Released

YOSEMITE – Fire investigators have determined the cause of the Dog Rock Fire. Based on their investigation it is believed that the fire was start by sparks generated by hot metal fragments from a vehicle.

This could be the result of several things such as trailer safety chains dragging on the pavement, vehicle brake parts generating a spark or other sources, say officials.

The investigation was a joint effort led by NPS and Cal Fire investigators.

Due to the extremely dry conditions in the park, a single spark can start a wildland fire. Visitors can help reduce the likelihood of igniting a wildfire by assuring their vehicles are maintained and operated safely.

The Dog Rock Fire was reported at 2:35 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 7, and has burned an estimated 245 acres so far. It is currently 10% contained.

One life was lost due to this fire when an airtanker crashed, killing the pilot, Geoffrey “Craig” Hunt, 62, of San Jose.

Learn more about what you can do to prevent devastating wildfires. One Less Spark: http://www.preventwildfireca.org/OneLessSpark/

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  1. It is very odd that all fire originations are solved except for the Junction aka BUMVILLE Fire. Why is that? I believe it is because we the public have been telling Sheriff Anderson to get rid of the homeless tweakers and he has not done the job. So they got a fire going and could have burned the town down. So why don’t we have the nerve to call this out? We had better get new blood in the Sheriff office November vote (vote Varney) or we will have more of the same lame nothing we now have in that position.

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