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Recipe of the Week: Sopapilla Bars

Image of sopapilla bars.

Finding a unique dessert to impress others can be a tall task. Cakes, brownies and cookies are classics but can be boring and repetitive. When you want something easy, delicious and made to impress, think outside the sweet treat box. Next time you’re in a pinch for something sweet, try these sopapilla bars. They have a sugary, crunchy exterior, but ...

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Keeping Pets Safe in the Garden

Image of a puppy surrounded by yellow flowers.

Consider these hazards that can negatively impact the well-being of your furry friends. Poisonous Plants – Some common plants can be dangerous for animals, causing anything from mild oral irritations and upset stomachs to cardiovascular damage and even death. For example, these are some of the toxic plants the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has ...

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Recipe of the Week: California Queso Fresco Fish Tacos

Image of queso fresco fish tacos.

While there are many ways to enhance the taste and texture of your family’s favorite dishes, perhaps one of the simplest and most impactful is the addition of cheese. From fish and seafood to veggie-inspired recipes, the dairy delight provides a versatile, flavorful ingredient. You can also use queso fresco to elevate the flavor of dishes like chilaquiles, or turn to ...

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Attract More Birds to Your Backyard: Basic Tips for Feeding Wild Birds

Image of a bird feeder with birds eating.

With all the constraints people lived through in 2020, many turned to their own backyards – nature, in particular – for hope, solace, wonder and even entertainment. Despite the worldwide crisis, nature’s normalcy remained intact; flowers continued to bloom, bees continued to pollinate and birds continued to fly and forage food. A University of Exeter study, focused on nature’s impact ...

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Plant-a-Row Program To Soon Begin Accepting Fresh Produce Donations

Image of a box of vegetables.

The UC Master Gardeners of Mariposa County are now overseeing the Plant-a-Row Program, which was established by Mariposa resident, Susan Taber, a few years ago. Partnering with several local growers, such as Raw Roots Farm, Shasky Farms, House of Greens, and Serrano Farms, along with other local groups, the Master Gardeners are helping to arrange the collection and distribution of ...

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Over the Garden Fence: Principles of Waterwise Landscaping

Image of a desert plant.

By Bob Labozetta (UC Master Gardener, Mariposa) We are once again living through a drought year in the Sierra Nevada foothills. As such, it is a good idea to revisit and remind ourselves of the techniques of waterwise landscaping that is otherwise known as drought-tolerant landscaping or xeriscaping. There are basic principles of waterwise landscaping 1. Planning/Design requires making appropriate ...

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Recipes of the Week: Grilled Corn with Garlic and Herbs & Sweet and Spicy Vegan Coleslaw

Image of grilled corn on the cob.

Grilling gives summertime a special meaning for many people – especially when it comes to food. Those savory whiffs of barbecuing might call to mind burgers and drumsticks, but don’t forget the sweet smell of seared, steamed or skewered garden-fresh vegetables to make those colorful, flavorful side dishes too. This summer, consider adding a vegan twist to those classic veggie ...

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Recipe of the Week: Three-Ingredient Ice Cream

Image of bowls of strawberry ice cream.

When it’s beyond hot outside and the kids are begging for a delicious afternoon snack, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to turn. The pantry is full and the refrigerator is stocked, yet nothing sounds appetizing when it’s scorching outside. Try this Three-Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream on the warm days ahead. It’s chilled to perfection with fresh strawberries and fluffy ...

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WHAT’S HAPPENING, OAKHURST . . . and Beyond? Weekend of June 25-27

Friday, June 25 Golden Chain Theatre Presents 2021 Drive-In Summer Melodrama. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. 42130 Highway 41, Oakhurst. 559/683-7112. Golden Chain Theatre Advance reservations required. Axis Music Series Featuring Jill &  Co., Axis Coffee Bar + Eatery, 6 pm to 8 pm, 4150 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 102, Madera. 559/822-3380 Tesoro Viejo Events Live Evening ...

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Over the Garden Fence: Growing Melons

Image of a bowl of honey dew melons.

By Bob Labozetta (UC Master Gardener, Mariposa) Sweet melons are cucurbits, along with cucumbers, pumpkins, and squash. They similarly enjoy a long, warm summer — something we have plenty of in the Sierra foothills. Here, they can be directly seeded in fertile, loamy soil that has reached at least 65℉ – 70℉. You can plant 6 seeds in small hills, ...

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