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Catch Some Minarets Spring Sports

By Ryan McDougald and Zemí Stacy — 

O’NEALS — After a record breaking soccer season, with Varsity boys going into the second round of playoffs, the girls’ team boasting thirteen shutouts, and a hard fought basketball season, the Minarets High School Mustangs’ spring sports teams are gearing up.

We have softball, baseball and, for the first time this year, track. Denise Alvarez, founder of the Minarets Cross Country team, has taken on starting a track team. The new team in made up of 15 runners, who plan to compete in everything from short distance races to hurdles.

Baseball and softball have started pre-season games, while the boys baseball teams have played in six thus far and have lost only one.

Girls softball teams have also played in five and, despite playing hard, have yet to win a game. However, for both teams season does not start until the beginning of April.

Players and coaches alike are very excited to start this new sports season. They are confident in their teams’ improvement thus far and have high hopes going into this year.

As a school, we are all looking forward to these teams as the season advances. We invite you to come support the Minarets Mustangs as their final sports season of the year begins.

Ryan McDougald and Zemi Stacy are students at Minarets

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