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Cat Stuck In A Tree For 5 Days Needs Help

MARIPOSA COUNTY – When Linus the cat went missing last Friday off Harris Road in Ponderosa Basin, her owner Patrick looked everywhere for his beloved pet, but to no avail.

Then, on Monday night he began hearing her cries, but in the dense fog, he was unable to locate where the sounds were coming from. Today, he was finally able to spot the cat – more than 100 feet up in a huge tree behind the Ponderosa Basin Chapel.

He now knows were she is, but has no way of getting her down, and she has been without food or water for over five days. He thinks she was likely chased up the tree by a pack of dogs in the area.

Top of the treePatrick says he has a call in to a tree climber, but has not heard back yet if anyone will be able to come and help. He has been told that a cat will generally come down when they get hungry, but that has not happened so far, and it is likely certain that this cat is very hungry. Though he has tried shaking her food dish to entice her, nothing has worked. (This photo is just the top 1/3 of the tree, says Patrick).

A call to Animal Control revealed that this is not something they are equipped to help with, so Patrick is reaching out to the community in hopes that someone has the skills – or a brilliant idea – to rescue the yellow Tabby.

Linus with kittens

Linus has survived adversity in the past, as she was rescued by a preacher from the jaws of a coyote that was killing her mother about two years ago. Patrick then adopted her the way many do – from a box at Vons. He says that when he does his artwork, she is always right there to assist.

Linus now has kittens of her own, Romeo and Sabrina, who, along with Patrick, are anxiously hoping for her return home.

If you know of a tree climber or anyone else who can help get Linus down from this very tall tree, Patrick invites you to please call him at 209-966-8209.


  1. I know there is a Tree cutting person that lives off of Grayling rd in the Basin. He may be able to help.

  2. Have you tried calling the fire department? The Oakhurst fire department helped us several years ago when a neighborhood cat was in a tree. Or you could try a hose yourself, if you can get water to go that high. The trick is to not point the water at the cat, but above the cat. It should persuade her to come down on her own.

    Good luck!

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