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Canning Demonstration with Sage & Dawn at Fresno Flats Saturday, June 26

Learn to can and preserve with confidence.

Sage Buffington learned to can “at granny’s knee.”

During the long, enforced “time-out” endured during 2020, some folks revived skills that occupied extra time. For others the extra time has enabled them to gain knowledge that will serve them in good stead in the future.

Fresno Flats Historical Museum resumes its mission to keep local history alive by offering demonstrations and classes that meet the desires of many of our citizens who have returned to do-it-yourself activities. On Saturday,  June 26, Fresno Flats presents the second in its series of homesteading classes and demonstrations. Canning with Sage and Dawn takes place on Saturday, June 26, from 9 am to 12 noon, with a demonstration on canning by long-time resident Sage Buffington, accompanied by Dawn Connelly of Yosemite Country Foods. The ladies have decades of experience between them and will demonstrate proven methods of safely canning and preserving food for future use. To preserve safe practices, the demonstration will not be hands-on but will provide participants with the knowledge (and caveats) to tackle canning with confidence.

Calling herself “older than dirt” at 81-years-young, Sage Buffington learned to can and preserve at her grandmother’s knee, starting during World War II. She was raised in a family that grew and canned food every year. Her family motto: “Can and store what you eat; eat what you can and store.” Sage further says, “Food security, especially whole, organic, sustainably-produced food, begins at home. With proper skills, one can have a pantry that provides safe, healthy foods to nourish the family during lean or fat times.”

Sage has taught food preservation skills in many venues over the years, even though she has no formal training. Canning, dehydrating, lacto-fermenting . . . her science background helped with the food safety aspect She’s also taught food prep to 4H kids, home economics classes for kids as well as dutch oven/camp cooking to adults. She’s even catered dutch oven meals as prizes in various fundraisers.

Her co-presenter, Dawn Connelly, is well-known in the area as the owner of Yosemite Country Foods, formerly Yosemite Sierra Specialties. They have worked together for many years in canning and other food preservation projects.

This will be Sage’s swan song because, after many years in the area, she is moving on to be closer to her adopted family.

Asked what participants can expect to take away, Sage cites the following:

• An understanding of proper food safety protocols to be followed in any food preparation process.
• A working knowledge of how to maintain USDA-approved food safety during home food preservation.
• An understanding of the various food canning methods: open kettle, water bath, pressure canning and which foods are appropriate for each, as well as which provide the highest degree of safety for those foods.
• A visual experience of demonstrated methods for the basic steps of each process.
• A hands-on experience simulating the methods for filling and sealing jars, as well as safely getting them in and out of a hot canner.
• A take-home set of guidelines and list of websites and other resources to guide the home canner.
• Various door prizes of canning books and tools

Doors open at 9 am for coffee and treats. The event is free of charge, although donations are always appreciated. For further information, contact Fresno Flats Historic Village and Park at 559/683-6570 or email them at fresnoflatsmuseum@gmail.com

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