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Tom from Yucaipa is on Ferguson Fire, shown here with his dog Boss - photo Naomi Flam

Can You Pet Sit For An Emergency Responder While They’re Deployed?

Written by Naomi Flam –

MARIPOSA – Even firefighters need help with their pets! Tom from Yucaipa, Calif., is helping at the Ferguson Fire. His dog Boss is being taken care of during the day at Mariposa SPCA while he’s working at the fire.

At night, Tom will have his pup with him. Thank you Tom for your hard work helping out the citizens of Mariposa. Stay safe!

This brings me to another situation that needs to be addressed. The Central California Animal Disaster Team (CCADT) will be looking for ways to help our own volunteers with pet care when they are sent out on deployment.

Naomi Flam with Reptile Ron

Personally, I have four dogs which need to be watched while I’m deployed. Fortunately, I have help most of the time, BUT there are times when I need to pay a pet sitter to help while I go on deployment.

I’m sure there are other emergency responders in the same situation. Let’s figure out a way to help each other with our pets so it makes it easier for us to save the lives of others in crisis.

If you can help, please email me at naomiflam@ccadt.org. Let’s help relieve this extra bit of stress for those serving during times of emergency.

Visit CCADT on Facebook here.

Naomi E. Flam is the CEO of the Central California Animal Disaster Team

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