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Cranston Fire - photo USFS

California Wildfires Char 644,000 Acres, Destroy 2,000 Structures

CALIFORNIA – Over 14,000 firefighters are on the front lines of 15 large wildfires across California. To date, these fires have burned over 644,000 acres and damaged or destroyed over 2,000 structures.

Although many evacuation orders were lifted yesterday evening, more than 15,000 residents remain under evacuation. The Mendocino Complex is now the largest fire in state history, and the Carr Fire is now the 12th largest.

Sunny, warm and dry conditions continue across most of the state, with temperatures averaging 10-15 degrees above normal in many areas. Humidity will drop into the teens and single digits in many places during the day, and poor recovery is expected overnight. There will be a potential for wet thunderstorms in the southern desert beginning today.

Even though you completed your defensible space, or even if you didn’t get to all of it, there are some things you need to keep up on to help give your home a fighting chance when a wildfire strikes.

Clear your roof and gutters of leaves, pine needles and other tree debris. Sweep and rake around your home to remove any dead yard waste and remove dead plants. Clean decks and patios to remove anything that could potentially ignite from an ember.

For more on things you can do, click here.

Fires of Interest:

Carr Fire, Shasta County, Whiskeytown & Redding
• 173,522 acres, 47% contained
• Evacuations and road closures in place
• 3,600 residents evacuated
• 1,077 residences destroyed, 191 residences damaged
• Carr is the 6th most destructive fire, 13th most deadly and is now 12th largest fire in state history
• Cal Fire Incident Management Team 1 (Gouvea) in unified command with City of Redding FD (Kreider) USFS (Pechota)

Mendocino Complex, Mendocino/Lake County
• 300,086 total acres, 47% contained
• 75 residences destroyed, 12 residences damaged
• 12,000 residents under evacuation orders
• The Mendocino Complex fire is the largest wildfire in state history
• Cal Fire Incident Management Team 2 (Kavanaugh) in unified command with NORCAL IMT-1 (McGowan)

River Fire, Hopland
• 48,920 acres, 81% contained
• Road closures in place

Ranch Fire, Ukiah
• 251,166 acres, 46% contained
• Evacuations and road closures in place

Holy Fire, Orange County, Holy Jim Canyon, Cleveland National Forest
• 4,129 acres, 5% contained
• Structures threatened

Murphy Fire, Plumas County, Belden **NEW**
• 50 acres brush, timber, 0% contained

Five Fire, King County, Kettleman Hills Area
• 2,995 acres, 95% contained

Ferguson Fire, Mariposa County, Yosemite National Park
• 94,992 acres, 43% contained
• Evacuations and road closures remain in effect
• CA Fed IMT-3 (von Tillow) in command

Eel Fire, Mendocino County, East of Covelo
• 972 acres, 85% contained

Cranston Fire, Riverside County, Hemet
• 13,139 acres, 96% contained

Donnell Fire, Tuolumne County, Near Hwy 108, Donnell Lake area
• 13,814 acres, 5% contained

Georges Fire, Inyo County, Lone Pine
• 2,883 acres, 70% contained

Horse Creek Fire, Tulare County, John Krebs Wilderness Area
• 34 acres, 90% contained

Valley Fire, San Bernardino County, Yucaipa
• 1,350 acres, 30% contained

Natchez Fire, Del Norte County, Southeast of Cave Junction, OR
• 10,859 acres, 40% contained

Eagle Fire, Modoc County, South of Cedarville
• 2,100 acres, 95% contained

Owens Fire, Mono County, North of Mammoth Lake
• 312 acres, 98% contained

Wagner Fire, Mariposa County, East of Coulterville
• 22 acres, 100% contained

Parrot Fire, Calaveras County, South of Vallecito
• 136 acres, 100% contained

Whaleback Fire, Lassen County, West of Spaulding (Eagle Lake)
• 18,703 acres, 100% contained
• Unified command USFS NorCal Team 1 (Coots)

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