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CAL FIRE Cautions Motorized Equipment Use Can Cause Fires

Mariposa – CAL FIRE Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit (MMU), would like to remind residents of the dangers of using motorized equipment near and around dry grass and on hot windy days. Here are some recommendations to help reduce your chances of starting a fire when operating motorized equipment:

  • Do all yard maintenance that requires a gas or electrical motor before 10 a.m., not in the heat of the day, or when the wind is blowing.
  • Lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns. Never use lawn mowers in dry Use a weed trimmer to cut down dry weeds and tall grass.
  • Remove rocks in the area before you begin operating any equipment. A rock hidden in grass or weeds is enough to start a fire when struck by a metal
  • In wildland areas, spark arresters are required on all portable gasoline powered equipment including tractors, harvesters, chain saws, weed eaters, mowers, motorcycles, and All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).
  • Keep the exhaust system, spark arresters and mower in proper working order and free of carbon Use the recommended grade of fuel and don’t top off. Do not refuel when the motor is hot.
  • Keep the engine free of oil and dust, and keep the mower free of flammable
  • Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires you won’t even see, until it’s too late! Don’t pull off into dry grass or brush.
  • Keep a cell phone nearby and call 911 immediately in case of a

For more information please visit www.ReadyForWildfire.org.

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