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Cadet Corps Comes To Oak Creek Intermediate

By CFC Collins and Cadet Webb — 

OAKHURST — Oak Creek Intermediate school (OCI) welcomes the California Cadet Corps (CACC), in which participants learn about discipline, respect, commitment, problem solving, and teamwork.

We are a military based program which helps build character, personal strength, and patriotism. The Cadet Corps motto is essayons, meaning “let us try.”

The CACC has helped students improve in many subjects areas, including academics, health/wellness and fitness, and leadership. The CACC has also helped our school with correcting bullies and bullying in general. This is a program designed to improve cadets in the best ways possible.

“It’s a great leadership program and it is an excellent program for kids to succeed in life,” says Specialist Baker.

“The Cadet Corps teaches kids confidence and how to encourage one another. Not only do adults have positive things to say about this program, but students involved in the program think highly of its influence on OCI’s campus.”

“It teaches you respect, integrity, and honor,” says Cadet Carrick.

“It’s an excellent program that can teach me [to have] integrity with my actions,” notes Cadet Wrate.

This program has summer camps for the cadets to rank up, have fun, and learn more about Cadet Corps. Each of the camps helps with specific strengths, including medical research and practice, survival camp, and cyber camp to help cadets learn how to use various types of technology.

The program also helps young men and women to be physically fit and healthy, while also building mental strength and influencing cadets to become outstanding people with goals to better prepare them for the future.

CFC Collins and Cadet Webb are students at Oak Creek Intermediate.

Oak Creek Intermediate is part of the Bass Lake School District

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