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L-R YHS junior Hannah Harper, sophomores Addison McCully, Meagan Rich, Ravi Neill

Bye Bye Bully At Yosemite High Theater

L-R sophomores Monique Ades, Jerome Garcellano, Alaura Ferris, junior Hannah Harper, sophomore Jacob Lingren, senior Tyler Foreman

OAKHURST — The Yosemite High School Theater Arts Department is proud to present Bye Bye Bully, on stage Thursday, Jan. 26 in the YHS Theater.

Bye Bye Bully features a series of short plays that provide different perspectives on bullying in schools.

The play is being put on by the YHS Theatre Arts 2 class.

Some of these plays and scenes are humorous and some are very serious. We wanted to present this very real problem in multiple ways so that people could have a deeper understanding of this problem.

Today’s teenagers have grown up with the internet, and texting and online messages are part of their every day life. Many of them do not understand that posting something online, even if it’s meant as a harmless joke, can be hurtful. These plays deal with cyber bullying and its consequences. The plays come from a variety of sources.

“One of the plays I am in is intense,” says sophomore Joseph Bunnell. “It’s about a school shooting and pretty scary, but the other play I’m in is silly and shows that bullies are often insecure.”

Bye Bye Bully features 30 performers. They all perform in one than one play. I tried to put performers in contrasting parts so someone who plays a bully in one play, plays a victim in another play. This reinforces the idea that anyone can be a bully, and anyone can be a victim.

Tickets are $5 for everyone.

For more information on Bye Bye Bully, please call (559) 683 4667 ext. 256.

Lars Thorson is Chairman of the YHS Theater Arts Department

This story was edited on Jan. 24 to reflect a change of date

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