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Burglary At Oakhurst Door And Millwork

OAKHURST — When the crew at Oakhurst Door and Millwork showed up for work on Monday, Oct 15., they were not really able to get to work. Someone had entered the business overnight and stolen their computers.

“We’re pretty sure we know who did it,” said manager Marcus Leyva. “But we can’t prove it.”The owners immediately suspected a disgruntled former employee, since the only things stolen were the computers, the cash, and the paperwork with the details of his customers’ orders. Everything they needed to conduct business.

“That paperwork is worthless to anyone but me,” said Leyva. “And whoever took it knew exactly where it was.”

“They didn’t take any tools, any of the things that are really worth money,” said owner Lori Silverman. “They didn’t even bother to unplug the computers, they just cut the cords at the back.”

Leyva says that their computers were old and they probably needed new ones, “but what a way to get new computers!”

There was no sign of forced entry at the business, so there is a suspicion by the owners that the burglar had a key.

“We also found some evidence that a skylight may have been jimmied, but it’s a long way up to that roof,” said Leyva, “so I basically dismissed that possibility.”

The crew at Oakhurst Door and Millworks got right back to business with their new computers, but Leyva says recreating their customers’ orders is going to be quite a challenge.

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