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Brunch With The "Gallery Yosemite" Artists

Submitted by Mark Heliger

OAKHURST – Sweetwater Steak House will be the venue for a social gathering of many of the 22 artists that belong to Gallery Yosemite at 11 a.m. on Sunday, July 14.

We all are interested in connecting with our neighbors and letting them know that if they want to find some really great interpretations of the essence of Yosemite, they should stop by to see our fine art.After brunch, the artists will shift over to Gallery Row and Gallery Yosemite, to talk about their work. A few artists will “demo” their methods of creating art.

This is a chance for people interested in art relating to Yosemite and the Sierra Foothills to see up close the diverse expressions of talent and creativity that abound in the Sierra.

We are inspired by the same sense of wonder that John Muir experienced when he saw the Yosemite, and we are working to create the “next generation” of fine art that is part of the historical lineage of the first Yosemite masters such as Thomas Hill, William Keith, Carlton Watkins and Ansel Adams.

Many of us have moved to this area just to be close to Yosemite. We have studied the history of Yosemite even as we have trekked there to experience its many facets during each season.

So, we will be talking about the many times of peace and joy we have seen and experienced when we have been there. We will be open to questions about our art and maybe some tips as to how we have solved the logistical challenges of being in the park.

We will have answers for questions about techniques or what inspires us, but in general, we will just “hang out” and be talking about Yosemite and our love and appreciation of the fact that it just is.

Sweetwater Steakhouse is located at 41177 Highway 41 in Oakhurst.

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