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Senior Aaron Hall pictured with alumnus Mckenzie Olivas and David Broyles, photo courtesy Minarets Media

Bridging Veterans And Building Community Through Baseball

By Cheyenne Upton —

O’NEALS — As a freshman, Aaron Hall was inspired to start his Senior Legacy Experience (SLE) because his dad was deployed and stationed in Afghanistan. He wanted to be able to do something for the veterans in the community and for those serving alongside his father.

The primary focus for the Military Appreciation Game was to be able to honor the veterans within the community. Each year the event has recognized those in the community who have served, are enlisted, or plan on enlisting in the future. They also “collect donations for a local organization which takes in sheltered dogs, trains them through the Chowchilla prison, and it is all for a veteran’s unique needs.”

This year’s event was held on May 2, 2019 at 3 p.m. on the Minarets Varsity Baseball field where attendees stood in awe as a Black Hawk landed in the middle of the Minarets soccer field. After junior Synovia Wold sang the National Anthem for all those in attendance as the Equestrian Team brought out the flags, veterans were treated to a meal during an engaging baseball game against Orange Cove.

Aaron Hall explained that “my favorite part about my SLE is how it brings the veterans and the community together. Throughout time there has been a growing gap between veterans and civilians and so it’s really neat for me to be able to see how all of a sudden the community is coming out and supporting the veterans as the veterans are also showing up and it starts to feel like it closes that gap.”

Cheyenne Upton is a student at Minarets

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The Minarets Varsity baseball team in front of the Black Hawk

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