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Bosnian Park Rangers Visit Sierra National Forest

CENTRAL CALIFORNIA – On April 25, two managers from Nacionalni Park Una (Una National Park), Bosnia i Herzegovina in eastern Europe, began a study tour to visit national forests and national parks of the western United States.

The goal for the study tour is to increase the knowledge base, skills, and capacity for the Director and Assistant Director of Una National Park to move the protected area toward the standards of management used by other countries around the world.

Haris Hadžihajdarević Assistant Director of Una Naitonal Park visits several US national parks and forests and have discussions with managers regarding programs they manage - photo Michael OlwylerDuring the first week of the tour Director Mulic and Assistant Director Hadzihajdarevic witnessed on-the-ground management practices in Grand Canyon national Park, the Kaibab National Forest and Zion NP. When they arrived in Fresno for the second week they visited Sierra National Forest, and Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks.

Michael Olwyler, the coordinator, liaison and guide for the two Bosnians said, “As they visit the protected areas they will observe working systems of PAs, ask questions about those systems of experienced US managers, and discuss the strategies and methods of instituting what are called the ‘best management practices’ with their US counterparts who are currently implementing them – planning teams, managers, and field workers. They can then use those examples to adapt and apply in Bosnia at Una National Park to improve the management of the environment and provide a high quality experience for visitors.”

Una National Park in the northwestern part of Bosnia is a new park striving to achieve international standards of management. The expected outcomes of the study tour will increase the management capacity of the Park, which will allow visitor and community use while maintaining a healthy, sustainable environment.

“It is, after all, one environment in which we all live, and the environmental impacts on one protected area affects other protected areas around the globe,” says Olwyler.

For additional information about Una National Park, visit: http://nationalpark-una.ba/eng/index.php

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